The project idea reflects the necessity to operate at a wider district level and better define strategies and actions for climate change adaptation, especially for weather, climate changes and hydrogeological risks affecting coastal areas. The project’s deliverables reported below are structured through two main phases. The first phase is developed to build the common methodology for Joint Actions definition and implementation and to share the basic knowledge about issues concerning climate change adaptation strategies and energy efficiency measures. A context analysis for each target area prepared the consequent pilot activities, investigating plans and measures already planned for each territory, analysing funding opportunities and describing risks and vulnerabilities at the district level. The second phase starts upon these analysis uploaded in the web platform, acting as a useful tool for the development of scenarios for the Joint Actions to be implemented in the Joint SECAP plans. The web platform is designed to share information, to support planning activities and even to monitor results and ongoing actions.

Activity details 3.1 _ Definition of a common methodology

The guidelines manual, jointly developed by all partners, constitutes the framework within which all WP activities is developed. It defines all activities, their duration and actors engaged.

This report contains the best practices analyzed by partners as part of a common methodology. With this report the project partners and local stakeholders were able to: investigate how the different territories deal with the implementation of adaptation and energy efficiency actions and measures already planned in previous energy plans; compare criticality and problems encountered in order to explore possible solutions and their transferability in other territories; put in practice the common methodology to define joint actions to tackle climate challenges and answer the new Covenant targets.

Activity details 3.2 _ Context analysis (for each target area)

A database of plans, measures and financing sources for each target area with a special focus on the energy and climate ones. This report was preparatory for the subsequent activity of definition and implementation of the common online platform.

This report collects and maps the climate risks and vulnerabilities for each target area; it summarizes the collection of the assessments produced in each territory where partners are developing and implementing joint adaptation measures.

Activity details 3.3 _ Joint SECAP Support System Platform definition and implementation

Activity details 4.1 _ Definition of climate scenarios for each territory

This Report describes and analyzes for each district area the final climate scenario, with a synthesis of the criteria undertaken to its definition.

This document reports the conclusions proposed during each focus group, for each target area.

Activity details 4.2 _ Preliminary Strategic Environmental Assessment

Activity details 4.3 _ Joint Action Implementation

Activity details 4.4 _ Capacity Building and Transferring activities